Piotr Godzisz

Connecting research, policy and practice on hate crime and human rights


Areas of expertise and research interests:
  • Human rights, hate crime,  hate speech and disinformation
  • Violence and discrimination against LGBTI people
  • Victims' rights and access to justice
  • Homophobia and nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Social movements and transnational advocacy networks
  • Europeanization
  • Qualitative research methods
Academic and Applied Research:

Human rights is one of the most important (and controversial) concepts in international politics. Research is needed to understand the violations and protection needs, evaluate responses, and inform policy and practice worldwide. The interdisciplinary field of hate studies is a meeting place for scholars who pool their skills and knowledge to help us understand and challenge hate speech and hate crime.

Check out examples of my academic work below:
My research has been funded by, inter alia:
I have been contracted as a researcher by, inter alia:
  • European External Action Service (EEAS)
  • Council of Europe
  • Human Dignity Trust
  • Campaign Against Homophobia
Get in touch if you would like to discuss your research needs.
Keywords: Europeanization, human rights, hate crime, hate speech, hate crime laws, homophobia, transphobia, sexual orientation and gender identity, LGBTI
Human Rights Monitoring:

Without human rights monitors, who would document abuses and hold the violators to account? A good human rights monitoring project requires a bespoke approach to make an impact. In the world of fake news, a robust research methodology will ensure that your data are solid and findings irrefutable.

Examples of my past monitoring projects include:
Evaluations and Needs Assessments:

Needs assessment is the crucial step before deploying any resources. Ensuring that you understand the local contexts, past interventions, and current gaps helps you make sure that your action hits the target. Evaluation is bread and butter of public services and international development work. Funders and taxpayers expect their money to make an impact. A good internal or external evaluation plan will help to make sure you deliver on your promises and identify lessons for the future.
Examples of my past evaluations and needs assessments:
Country of Origin Information Reports:

Is country X safe to go back to? Decision makers need up-to-date knowledge about countries where asylum seekers originate from. For some social groups, information about specific threats is not always publicly available. A meticulously researched analysis of social, legal and political situation in the country of origin may be a cornerstone of decision-making in the asylum process.
My expertise and experience allows me to draft COI reports on the situation of LGBTI people and some national, ethnic and religious minorities from across Europe and Central Asia. If you need help, please reach out to me.
Examples of my past projects:
  • Discrimination and violence against LGBTI people in Ukraine - COI report
  • Discrimination and violence against LGBTI people in Serbia - COI report

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