Piotr Godzisz

Connecting research, policy and practice on hate crime and human rights

Human rights in theory and practice


“Human rights” is one of the most important and debated political concepts of our times. Drawing upon a range of theories, empirical studies and practical problems, this module invites you to think critically about the key issues and concepts in human rights philosophy, research, policy and enforcement. 
The module starts by covering the historical, political, legal and institutional frameworks for civil liberties and human rights protection in and beyond Britain. Conceptual debates are linked with current affairs, such as Brexit or the coronavirus pandemic. Following the explication of key theories and paradigms, we will tackle a range of substantial issues relevant for students of criminology, law, security and policing, such as freedom of speech, the rights of offenders, the use of torture, and surveillance. 
You will have a chance to influence the content of the sessions by selecting a topic for week 11, which is student-led. 
The teaching and learning will be delivered through online lectures, seminars, drop-in surgeries and other activities. You will be able to draw from the experience of the teaching team who have been engaged in doing research on human rights and advocating on behalf of victims and survivors of abuses in a range of contexts. The online classes will be highly participatory and will encourage diversity of opinions and respect for differing views. 
The curriculum is tailored to prepare you for the assessment, which involves a paired debate. It is further geared towards enhancing your employability by equipping you with a range of competencies necessary for work and further study. 

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